2nd International Conference on
Bioprocess for Sustainable Environment and Energy
05 - 07 March

Organized by
Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering 
National Institute of Technology Rourkela
Odisha - 769 008, India
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ICBSEE-India-2020 will enlighten the field of Energy-Environment-Bioprocess. The main theme of the conference is “Bioprocess: From Research to Real Life" which covers a wide range of critically important sessions. ICBSEE-India-2020 would provide a platform for the interaction between the Scientist communities around the world and aims in establishing pollution free sustainable environment by accelerating the cutting edge Bioprocess Technologies.

ICBSEE-India-2020 provides the combined arena of government-academia-industry to incorporate all potential aspects in approaching one-foot step ahead towards MAKING SWACHHA BHARAT


Annual Theme

Subject of the conference/Seminar/Symposium with list of various technical session and /or workshops:
The major thrust of ICBSEE-India-2020 is to emphasize the recent innovations and development of bioprocess strategies towards environment and energy. Keeping this in view, exclusive sessions will be dedicated to personnel from broad area of academia, industry and research on the focussed thematic areas.

The conference will focus on the following topics, but not limited to:

ØBiodiversity and Omics
ØBioprocess and Bio-systems
ØBioremediation: solid and liquid wastes
ØHazardous substances: detection and management techniques
ØCarbon sequestration and storage
ØGreen organic synthesis routes
ØProduct engineering in the Bio-Industries
ØProduct innovation, development and economics
ØEnzymes of environmental importance
ØBiomaterials and Nanotechnology
ØValue added products from wastes
ØPlastic waste management
ØRadioactive waste management
ØE-waste management
ØBiosensor for environmenta
ØAir and soil pollution

  Wastewater Treatment

ØMunicipal wastewater treatment
ØSewage treatment
ØIndustrial wastewater treatment
ØPower plant wastewater treatment
ØAdvance technology in wastewater treatment
ØRecycle, recovery and reuse of resources from wastewater
ØAdvance technology in wastewater treatment
ØEnergy generation from wastewater


ØBioprocess: advance approaches for better quality product
ØEnzymes of Industrial importance
ØBiomass Processing
ØBioprocess for Food and Fermentation
ØEnzymes for biosensor
ØMarine Bioprocess
ØAlgal biorefinery
ØRecombinant biomolecules
ØHuman therapeutics
ØBiomolecules from animal cell
ØProduction of nutraceuticals and probiotics

   Health impact of
   environmental pollution

    ØHeavy metal toxicity
    ØHealth effect of radio nucleotides
    ØEmerging contaminants and their         effects on health
    ØMicrobiome analysis for pollutant         toxicity
    ØMetabolomics for pathway                     analysis
    ØSystem biology approach for                 toxicity
    ØCause and remediation of                     diseases     from environment


ØGreen energy
ØWaste-to-energy technology
ØSustainable and renewable energy
ØClean energy systems and technology
ØLow cost and innovative technologies
ØAdvance technologies for alternative fuels
ØRenewable energy


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31st Jan 2020

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